Experience the Feeling
of True Massage Healing
Our therapeutic techniques allow us to communicate with
mind, body and soul to offer a true transformational experience.

Experience The Feeling of True Massage Healing

We are conveniently situated in the heart of the Historic Downtown of Concord. This is YOUR time. Breathe in the aromatherapy as you walk in the door. Let the healing begin. Help yourself to iced water or hot tea before or after your appointment.

We are dedicated to holistic healing. Through our therapeutic techniques, our ability to communicate with mind, body and soul, we offer a true transformational experience. Clients will learn about relaxation, breathing, and experiencing Zen, to enable the client achieve inner peace, stress and pain relief, and mood enhancement.

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30 Minute Massage



90 Minute Massage


Full service

120 Minute Massage



90 Minute Hot Stone Massage


30 Minute Cupping Massage


60 Minute Cupping Massage


90 Minute Cupping Massage


Note: 10% Discount on all services for Active Military and Veterans


Full service

60 Minute Massage


Full service

90 Minute Massage


Full service

120 Minute Massage



Reflexology is offered at $1 a minute up to 120 mins.

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What do people have to say about Zen4Life and our staff?

Amazing - Melissa is a miracle worker.

Amazing - Melissa is a miracle worker. Read this post from my personal page. I cannot say enough good things. "I was allowed to jog for one minute increments today on a treadmill with 30 second walk breaks in between and it was the best feeling in over three months. Now for some being told you cannot jog or run is just fine, but when it has been a a significant part of your life for over 33 years (started when I was 10 with 5 mile road races) your main stress release and something you really enjoy doing with friends - to be told you can't is really hard both physically and emotionally. It had gotten to the point that I was getting increasingly depressed and really struggling emotionally. My physical therapist has been awesome and I cannot thank Melissa Fassett Lmbt at zen4life massage therapy enough for getting me over that final hurdle this weekend and noticing and fixing something that the physical therapist had not noticed because it was not right in my knee - by in my calf and affecting me knee. I have gone to her for over a year and a half now and cannot say enough good things - particular for anyone who is active or an athlete - she is a miracle worker and takes the time to really understand your body and what is going on. For the first time in a while I am truly smiling and am looking forward to the alarm going off at 5 am tomorrow because I won't be heading to the stationary bike, but outside to slowly get myself back to full running form. One day at a time and in a few months I hope to say I have run my first 5K post surgery.
-- Stephanie Taylor Dunn | Facebook